Latrophilin-1 (IPR031234)

Short name: Latrophilin-1

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Latrophilins are a family of secretin-like GPCRs that can be subdivided into 3 subtypes: Latrophilin-1 (LPH1), -2 (LPH2), and -3 (LPH3). LPH1 is a brain-specific calcium independent receptor of alpha-latrotoxin (LTX), a neurotoxin present in black widow spider venom which triggers massive exocytosis from presynaptic nerve terminals [PMID: 9208860, PMID: 11520923]. It is the affinity of this form of the receptor for LTX that gives the family its name.

Two endogenous ligands for latrophilins have been described, teneurin-2 [PMID: 21724987] and FLRT3 [PMID: 22405201]. LPH1 has been shown to bind Lasso (a splice variant of teneurin-2). LPH1 and Lasso interact across intercellular and synaptic junctions, suggesting an involvement in synaptic functions [PMID: 21724987]. Latrophilins are potential synaptic cell-adhesion molecules that interact trans-synaptically with teneurins and FLRTs [PMID: 24273166].

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