Small heat shock protein HSP20 (IPR031107)

Short name: HSP20

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Prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms respond to heat shock or other environmental stress by inducing the synthesis of proteins collectively known as heat-shock proteins (hsp) [PMID: 2853609]. Amongst them is a family of proteins with an average molecular weight of 20 Kd, known as the hsp20 proteins [PMID: 7723051, PMID: 15335775, PMID: 7914036]. These seem to act as chaperones that can protect other proteins against heat-induced denaturation and aggregation. Hsp20 proteins seem to form large heterooligomeric aggregates.

Structurally, this family is characterised by the presence of a conserved C- terminal domain of about 100 residues.

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