Arfaptin family (IPR030798)

Short name: Arfaptin_fam

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  • Arfaptin family (IPR030798)


This family consists of Arfaptin-1, Arfaptin-2, and protein kinase C-binding protein 1 (PICK1). They all contain a Bin/amphiphysin/Rvs (BAR) domain [PMID: 14993925]. BAR-domain-containing proteins are key players in membrane dynamics as their crescent shape allows them to sense or generate curvature on lipid bilayers [PMID: 16319878].

Arfaptin-1 and 2 have been shown to interact with Arf GTPases and Arf-like 1 (Arl1). They are recruited to trans-Golgi membranes through interaction with Arl1 [PMID: 22679020].

In neurons, PICK1 forms homodimers and serves as one of the scaffolding proteins that interacts with AMPA receptors and regulates their trafficking in synaptic plasticity [PMID: 20403402]. In pancreatic beta cells, it forms heteromeric BAR-domain complexes with another cytosolic lipid-binding protein, ICA69. Together they are key regulators of the formation and maturation of insulin granules [PMID: 23630453].

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