Ras-specific guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 1 (IPR030745)

Short name: RasGRF1

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RasGRF1 belong to the RasGRF family. It regulates both Ras and Rac signalling pathways [PMID: 10544264]. It has been implicated in memory formation, postnatal growth, glucose homeostasis and photoreception [PMID: 21111786].

RasGRF is a Ras family guanine nucleotide exchange factor sharing homology with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cdc25 that stimulates nucleotide exchange on S. cerevisiae RAS [PMID: 8246988]. RasGRF N-terminal region contains a Dbl homology (DH) domain which is generally present in GEFs for the Rho family of small G proteins, whereas the C-terminal Cdc25-related domain is linked to Ras GTPase signalling [PMID: 9032266]. The presence of regulatory domains for Rho and Ras GTPases implicates the role of RasGRF in the control of the both pathways [PMID: 22069515]. Two RasGRF, RasGRF1 and 2, have been identified in mammals [PMID: 21111786]. Their function can be inhibited by its interaction with Cdc42 in its inactive GDP bound form. Reciprocally, the effects of Cdc42 on cytoskeletal dynamics can be inhibited by RasGRF1/2 [PMID: 22069515].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0046578 regulation of Ras protein signal transduction
GO:0035023 regulation of Rho protein signal transduction

Molecular Function

GO:0005085 guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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