Protein NDRG2 (IPR030690)

Short name: NDRG2

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships

  • NDRG (IPR004142)
    • Protein NDRG2 (IPR030690)


N-myc downstream regulated gene (NDRG) family members are characterised by an alpha/beta hydrolase-fold motif. NDRG proteins may function as tumour suppressors and may also play important roles in the development of neurological and electrophysiological diseases [PMID: 21247902, PMID: 20667976].

This entry represents NDRG2. NDRG2 is expressed during dendritic cell (DC) differentiation, and silencing NDRG2 in DCs reduces the ability to induce T-cell proliferation [PMID: 14572661, PMID: 17911180]. NDRG2 is also expressed in the central nervous system and may function in neural differentiation, synapse formation, and axon survival in response to glucocorticoids [PMID: 15850668]. NDRG2 is associated with Alzheimer's disease [PMID: 15207261]. The down-regulation of NDRG2 has been shown in a variety of human cancer cell lines and primary tumours [PMID: 20667976]. The structure of NDRG2 has been solved [PMID: 21247902].

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