Conserved Site

Rel homology domain, conserved site (IPR030492)

Short name: RHD_CS


Members of the Rel family share a highly conserved 300 amino acids domain termed Rel homology domain (RHD) which is located towards the amino terminus. The unique C terminus is thought to be involved in gene activation and cytoplasmic anchoring functions.

For several proteins it has been demonstrated [PMID: 8061327] that the Rel homology domain includes:

  1. a DNA-binding domain, which binds to the consensus DNA sequence motif 5'-GGGRNNYYCC-3' (except for dorsal, which recognises the related motif 5'-GRGAAAANCC-3');
  2. a dimerisation domain, which is located in the C-terminal part of the RHD;
  3. a PKA phosphorylation site (except in RelB);
  4. a nuclear localization signal (NLS), which consists of a stretch of four or five basic residues.

This entry represents a conserved site located at the N terminus of the RHD. It includes a conserved cysteine that seems to be essential for DNA-binding in p50 [PMID: 8056331].

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