Phospholipid-transporting ATPase IB (IPR030344)

Short name: ATP8A2

Family relationships


Phospholipid-transporting ATPase IB (also known as ATP8A2 or ATPIB) belongs to the IV subfamily of the P-type ATPases family, whose members transport phospholipids across the membrane.

ATP8A2 is expressed in retina, brain, spinal cord, and testis [PMID: 23103747]. It has been co-purified with CDC50A from photoreceptors [PMID: 21454556]. Mutations in the ATP8A2 gene cause axonal degeneration in mice [PMID: 22912588] and mental illness in humans [PMID: 22892528, PMID: 20683487]. It may be involved in vesicular trafficking in photoreceptors and other neurons.

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0015914 phospholipid transport

Molecular Function

GO:0005524 ATP binding
GO:0004012 phospholipid-translocating ATPase activity

Cellular Component

GO:0016021 integral component of membrane

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