Plectin (IPR030269)

Short name: Plectin

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Plectin is a protein of >500 kDa that links intermediate filaments with microtubules and other components of the cytoskeleton [PMID: 8922382]. It also anchors intermediate filaments to intercellular junctions such as desmosomes or hemidesmosomes [PMID: 14668477]. The binding between plectin and the integrin beta4 occurs between the actin-binding domain (ABD) of plectin and the first pair of fibronectin type III (FNIII) domains and a small part of the connecting segment of beta4 [PMID: 14668477, PMID: 15817481]. Plectin is also a target of p34cdc2 kinase that regulates its dissociation from intermediate filaments during mitosis [PMID: 10195422]. The structure of plectin has been solved [PMID: 15128297].

This entry also contains epiplakin, which is a cytoskeletal linker protein that connects to intermediate filaments and controls their re-organization in response to stress [PMID: 15671067, PMID: 27206504, PMID: 23398049].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0008092 cytoskeletal protein binding

Cellular Component

GO:0005856 cytoskeleton

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