Leiomodin-3 (IPR030131)

Short name: LMOD3

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships


The Tropomodulin (Tmod) family consist of four Tmods (Tmods 1-4) and three larger variants termed leiomodins (Lmods 1-3), which are expressed in a tissue-specific and developmentally regulated fashion [PMID: 22488942]. Members of the Tmod family are actin filament pointed-end-capping proteins that regulate actin subunit association and dissociation from pointed ends in a tropomyosin-dependent manner [PMID: 10574928].

Leiomodin-3 (Lmod3) plays a role in maintenance of sarcomere function and nemaline myopathy [PMID: 24960163]. It binds to actin monomers [PMID: 17012745, PMID: 20650902].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0051694 pointed-end actin filament capping

Molecular Function

GO:0003785 actin monomer binding
GO:0005523 tropomyosin binding

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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