Lysozyme-like protein 5 (IPR030064)

Short name: LYZL5

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The vertebrate lysozyme family is composed of lysozyme c, lactalbumin and calcium-binding lysozyme. The classical lysozyme c has been extensively studied [PMID: 21676251]. From human testis cDNA libraries, a group of lysozyme c-like sequences is identified [PMID: 21676251, PMID: 24013621]. The function of this group of lysozyme c-like proteins is not clear. Some of them (LYZL2, SLLP1/SPACA3/LYXL3, LYZL4 and LYZL6) are expressed in the male reproductive tract [PMID: 12606493, PMID: 16014814] and may be involved in fertilisation.

Lysozyme-like protein 5 (LYZL5), also known as sperm acrosome-associated protein 5 (SPACA5/SLLP-X), is highly expressed in testis and maps to the X chromosome [PMID: 22634100].

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