Trichome birefringence-like family (IPR029962)

Short name: TBL

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Trichome birefringence-like (TBL) is a plant protein family. In Arabidopsis this family includes 46 members (TBR, TBL1-45) [PMID: 20388664]. The TBL family is proposed to encode wall polysaccharide specific O-acetyltransferases [PMID: 22086088, PMID: 22639638]. They contain a TBL domain with a conserved glycine-aspartate-serine (GDS) signature, similar to the conserved motif (GDSL) found in some esterases/lipases [PMID: 20388664, PMID: 20657172]. Members of the TBL protein family had been shown to impact pathogen resistance, freezing tolerance, and cellulose biosynthesis [PMID: 22639638].

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