Metal regulatory transcription factor 1 (IPR029796)

Short name: Metal_TF1

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Metal regulatory transcription factor 1 (MTF1) is a zinc-finger protein that activates transcription in response to heavy metals such as zinc, cadmium and copper, [PMID: 8026472] and is also involved in the response to hypoxia [PMID: 10096565] and oxidative stress [PMID: 8824273]. It binds to metal response elements (MREs, also known as TGC box) associated with a number of metal- and stress-responsive genes [PMID: 8065932, PMID: 14610091]. It is a key regulator of zinc in higher eukaryotes ranging from insects to mammals [PMID: 17462582]. It also controls the expression of metallothioneins (MTs) and a number of other genes directly involved in the intracellular sequestration and transport of zinc [PMID: 17462582].

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