Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 1 (IPR029588)

Short name: TRPM1

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The TRPM subfamily of mammalian TRP channels includes TRPM1, which is required for the photoresponse in retinal ON-bipolar cells [PMID: 24756714]. In conditions of darkness, glutamate is released from photoreceptors, activating the metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 on retinal ON bipolar cells. This activates the G protein G(o), which then closes TRPM1 channels, leading to hyperpolarisation of the cells [PMID: 22131384]. Mutations in TRPM1 can cause congenital stationary night blindness [PMID: 19896109, PMID: 19878917].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0007216 G-protein coupled glutamate receptor signaling pathway
GO:0071482 cellular response to light stimulus
GO:0034220 ion transmembrane transport

Molecular Function

GO:0005261 cation channel activity

Cellular Component

GO:0016021 integral component of membrane

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