Kv channel-interacting protein 2 (IPR029532)

Short name: KCNIP2

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Kv channel-interacting protein 2 (KCNIP2) is a regulatory subunit of Kv4/D (Shal)-type voltage-gated rapidly inactivating A-type potassium channels [PMID: 11287421]. It is essential for physiologic IA modulation and homeostatic stability in hippocampal neurons [PMID: 23536187]. KCNIP2 is abundantly expressed in hippocampal pyramidal cells. Deletion of Kchip2 affects susceptibility to limbic seizures [PMID: 23536187].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006813 potassium ion transport

Molecular Function

GO:0015459 potassium channel regulator activity

Cellular Component

GO:0008076 voltage-gated potassium channel complex

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