ODR-4-like (IPR029454)

Short name: ODR-4-like

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This entry represents the odorant response abnormal protein 4 (ODR-4)-like proteins from animals and plants.

In C.elegans, ODR-4 and ODR-8 are required for localising a subset of odorant GPCRs to the cilia of olfactory neurons [PMID: 9590179]. Olfactory receptors (ORs) are synthesised in endoplasmic reticulum of the olfactory neurons, trafficked to the cell surface membrane and transported to the tip of the olfactory cilium, where they bind with odorants. Various accessory proteins are required for proper targetting of different ORs to the cell membrane. ODR-4 was the first accessory protein to be described. ODR-4 plays a role in nociceptive neurons to mediate avoidance of high oxygen [PMID: 16581509].

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