Regulatory factor X-associated protein, RFXANK-binding domain (IPR029316)

Short name: RFXAP_RFXANK-bd

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This C-terminal domain of Regulatory factor X-associated protein (RFXAP) binds to RFXANK [PMID: 9118943, PMID: 10072068], the ankyrin-repeat regulatory factor X protein. RFXAP is part of the RFX complex, mutants of either RFXAP or RFXANK protein fail to bind to each other. RFX5 binds only to the RFXANK-RFXAP scaffold and not to either protein alone, and neither the scaffold nor RFX5 alone can bind DNA. The binding of the RFXANK-RFXAP scaffold to RFX5 leads to a conformational change in the latter that exposes the DNA-binding domain of RFX5. The DNA-binding domain of RFX5 anchors the RFX complex to MHC class II X and S promoter boxes [PMID: 10825209].

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