FAM69, N-terminal (IPR029244)

Short name: FAM69_N

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The FAM69 family of cysteine-rich type II transmembrane proteins localise to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in cultured cells, probably via N-terminal di-arginine motifs. These proteins carry at least 14 luminal cysteines which are conserved in all FAM69s. There are currently few indications of the involvement of FAM69 members in human diseases [PMID: 21334309]. It would appear that FAM69 proteins are predicted to be have a protein kinase structure and function. Analysis of three-dimensional structure models and conservation of the classic catalytic motifs of protein kinases in four of human FAM69 proteins suggests they might have retained catalytic phosphotransferase activity. An EF-hand Ca2+-binding domain, inserted within the structure of the kinase domain, suggests they function as Ca2+-dependent kinases [PMID: 23840464].

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