Conserved Site

TRP-interacting helix, InaF motif (IPR029162)

Short name: InaF-motif


This highly conserved motif is thought to be a transmembrane helix that binds to transient receptor potential (TRP) calcium channel. It is found in proline-rich protein 24 (PRR24) and in InaF proteins. It is known that proline-rich proteins inactivate tannins found in food compounds, and it is thought that PRR24 does too. This is important since tannins often inhibit the uptake of iron [PMID: 15735089]. InaF is a protein required for TRP calcium channel function in Drosophila [PMID: 17968007, PMID: 10557345]. TRP-related channels have been suggested to mediate "store-operated" calcium entry, important for Ca2+ homeostasis in a wide variety of cell types [PMID: 10557345].

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