Homologous Superfamily

Ribokinase-like (IPR029056)

Short name: Ribokinase-like

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This superfamily represents a domain found in phosphotransferases that have an alcohol group as an acceptor (EC:2.7.1.-). However, 4-amino-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methylpyrimidine phosphate kinase (HMPP kinase) catalyses two phosphorylation reactions: one to a hydroxymethyl group of hydroxymethyl pyrimidine (HMP) and the second to the phosphomethyl group of HMPP [PMID: 15458630]. The common structural feature for the enzymes in this superfamily is a central eight-stranded sheet that is flanked by eight structurally conserved helices, five on one side and three on the other [PMID: 15458630]. The active site is located in a shallow groove along one edge of the sheet, with the phosphate acceptor hydroxyl group and -phosphate of ATP close together in the middle of the groove, and substrate and ATP binding at the ends [PMID: 15458630].

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