Homologous Superfamily

AhpD-like (IPR029032)

Short name: AhpD-like

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This superfamily represents the alpha-helical domain found in alkyl-hydroperoxide reductase AhpD [PMID: 11914371]. AhpD is a component of alkyl-hydroperoxide reductase participating in defense against ROS (reactive oxygen species) [PMID: 11799204]. The C-terminal alpha-helical domain of the AhpD protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis shares protein sequence and structural similarity with the N-terminal of Sesns from animals [PMID: 11799204]. Sestrins (Sesns) are involved in ROS (reactive oxygen species) regulation [PMID: 20712410].

A similar fold can also be found in other proteins such as 4-carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase (CMD) and some uncharacterised proteins [PMID: 16597838].

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