Homologous Superfamily

Enolase-like, N-terminal (IPR029017)

Short name: Enolase-like_N

Overlapping entries


This superfamily represents the N-terminal of the enolase and similar structural domains found in several enzymes, such as D-glucarate dehydratases, muconate-lactonizing enzymes, mandelate racemases, d-galactonate dehydratase, O-succinylbenzoate synthases and chlormuconate cycloisomerases, l-Ala-d/l-Glu epimerases, 3-methylaspartate ammonia lyase, etc [PMID: 15581566]. These enzymes share a bidomain structure containing a capping domain and a C-terminal barrel domain. The N-terminal domain forms part of the capping domain [PMID: 15581566].

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