Homologous Superfamily

Diol dehydratase-reactivating factor, alpha subunit, swiveling domain superfamily (IPR028975)

Short name: DDRA_swiveling_dom_sf

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This superfamily represents the swivelling beta/beta/alpha domain found in diol dehydratase-reactivating factor alpha subunit (DDRA).

DDRA is the alpha subunit of the diol dehydratase-reactivating factor (DDR) or DD reactivase. DDR reactivates the inactivated diol dehydratase holoenzyme in the presence of ATP and magnesium by mediating the exchange of the tightly bound damaged cofactor for free intact coenzyme [PMID: 21040475]. The reactivation is mediated by a complex of two proteins: a large subunit (DdrA/PduG) and a small subunit (DdrB/PduH, IPR009192) [PMID: 9362119, PMID: 9405397].

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