Synaptotagmin-13 (IPR028692)

Short name: SYT13

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Synaptotagmin-13 (SYT13) belongs to the synaptotagmin family, which is a group of membrane-trafficking proteins that contain two C-terminal C2 domains (known as C2A and C2B domains). Most of the synaptotagmins have a unique N-terminal domain (transmembrane region) that is involved in membrane anchoring or specific ligand binding.

Unlike most of the synaptotagmins, SYT13 does not have an N-terminal transmembrane region. Its C2 domains are lacking almost all the residues involved in Ca2+ binding [PMID: 11211934]. It is highly expressed in brain and also detectable at lower levels in non-neuronal tissues [PMID: 11211934]. SYT13 can suppress liver tumour cells and this function may be mediated through pathways implicated in mesenchymal to epithelial transition [PMID: 20840848]. It also affects insulin secretion [PMID: 22939844].

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