tRNA methyltransferase TRM10-type domain (IPR028564)

Short name: MT_TRM10-typ

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This entry represents a domain found in class IV SAM-dependent methyltransferases TRM10-type [PMID: 24081582]. Methyltransferases classified as class IV (SPOUT) are homodimers and methylate only RNA. The common core of the SPOUT fold contains a five-stranded beta sheet, flanked by two layers of alpha helices. The core can be divided into two subdomains, both displaying an alpha/beta architecture: (1) the N-terminal strands exhibit a Rossmanoidal alpha/beta fold while (2) an important part of the C-terminal (~ 30 residues) is tucked back into the structure forming a conserved topological trefoil knot where SAM binding occurs. The active site, located at the interface of the two subunits, is formed by amino acids from both monomers [PMID: 12826405, PMID: 17338813].

TRM10-type methyltransferases include tRNA (guanine(9)-N(1))-methyltransferase, tRNA (adenine(9)-N(1))-methyltransferase and RNA (guanine-9-)-methyltransferase domain-containing protein. TRM10 homologues are widely found in eukaryotes and archaea, but not in bacteria.

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