Protein S100-A10 (IPR028476)

Short name: S100-A10

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Family relationships



S100A10 (also known as p11) belongs to the S100 calcium-binding family and is involved in intracellular trafficking and cell migration [PMID: 23129259]. S100A10 may be involved in the promotion of cancer cell invasion and migration [PMID: 21153724]. S100A10 is required for the activity of Rac1, which regulates actin dynamics and promotes cell spreading [PMID: 23129259]. S100A10 forms a heterotetrameric complex with ANX2 (membrane-binding protein annexin A2), which is involved in membrane transport events such as endocytosis and exocytosis [PMID: 23129259]. ANX2 can also bind and bundle actin filaments and is required for actin dynamics to promote cell migration and spreading [PMID: 17322380].

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