Centromere protein C/Mif2/cnp3 (IPR028386)

Short name: CENP-C/Mif2/cnp3

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This entry represents mammalian centromere protein C (CENP-C), budding yeast Mif2 and fission yeast centromere protein 3 (cnp3) [PMID: 7579695]. They play an important role in assembly of the kinectochore, which is the microtubule-attachment sites that allow chromosome segregation on the mitotic spindle. It binds to the centromere and interacts with histones [PMID: 22561346, PMID: 21529714]. In budding yeast, it is phosphorylated by Aurora kinase Ipl1 [PMID: 14581449]. In humans, CENP-C is a component of the CENPA-NAC complex, which is at least composed of CENPA, CENPC, CENPH, CENPM, CENPN, CENPT and MLF1IP/CENPU [PMID: 16622419, PMID: 19482874].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0051382 kinetochore assembly

Molecular Function

GO:0019237 centromeric DNA binding

Cellular Component

GO:0000776 kinetochore

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