Syntaphilin/Syntabulin (IPR028197)

Short name: Syntaphilin/Syntabulin

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This family consists of the eukaryotic proteins syntaphilin and syntabulin.

Syntaphilin is selectively expressed in the brain. It competes with SNAP-25 for binding to syntaxin-1 and inhibits SNARE complex formation by absorbing free syntaxin-1. In this way, syntaphilin may function as a molecular clamp, controlling free syntaxin-1 availability for the assembly of the SNARE complex, thereby regulating synaptic vesicle exocytosis [PMID: 10707983].

Syntabulin is a microtubule-associated protein that has been implicated in syntaxin transport in neurons. It appears to function as a linker molecule that attaches syntaxin-cargo vesicles to kinesin I, enabling the transport of syntaxin-1 to neuronal processes [PMID: 15459722].

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