RPA-interacting protein (IPR028156)

Short name: RIP

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This entry represents the replication protein A (RPA) interacting protein. RPA is a single stranded DNA-binding protein involved in DNA replication, repair, and recombination [PMID: 19192389]. After synthesis in the cytoplasm, RPA is transported into the nucleus mediated by RPA interacting protein [PMID: 10428972, PMID: 16135809]. In humans, RPA interacting protein has several splice isoforms, including hRIPalpha, hRIPbeta, hRIPgamma, hRIPdelta1, hRIPdelta2, and hRIPdelta3. hRIPbeta transports RPA into the PML nuclear body and releases RPA upon UV irradiation [PMID: 16135809]. It seems that the number of splice isoforms of RIPalpha is species-specific and has a tendency to increase in higher eukaryotes [PMID: 19192389].

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