Cysteine-rich transmembrane CYSTM domain (IPR028144)

Short name: CYSTM_dom

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Proteins containing CYSTM domain are short cysteine-rich membrane proteins that most probably dimerise together to form a transmembrane sulfhydryl-lined pore. The CYSTM domain is always present at the extreme -terminus of the protein in which it is present. Furthermore, like the yeast prototypes, the majority of the proteins also possess a proline/glutamine-rich segment upstream of the CYSTM domain that is likely to form a polar, disordered head in the cytoplasm. The presence of an atypical well-conserved acidic residue at the C-terminal end of the TM helix suggests that this might interact with a positively charged moiety in the lipid head group. Consistently across the eukaryotes, the different versions of the CYSTM domain appear to have roles in stress-response or stress-tolerance, and, more specifically, in resistance to deleterious substances, implying that thes might be general functions of the whole family [PMID: 19933165].

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