ASX homology domain (IPR028020)

Short name: ASXH

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This entry represents a conserved alpha helical domain with a characteristic LXXLL motif found in Asx and homologues [PMID: 19270745, PMID: 19833123]. The LXXLL motif is detected in diverse transcription factors, coactivators and co-repressors and is implicated in mediating interactions between them [PMID: 15691650]. The Asx homology (ASXH) domain is found in animals, fungi and plants [PMID: 22186017] and is predicted to play a role in mediating contact between transcription factors and chromatin-associated complexes. In Drosophila Asx and Human ASXL1, the ASXH domain is predicted to mediate interactions with the Calypso and BAP1 deubiquitinases (DUBs) which further belong to the UCHL5/UCH37 clade of DUBs [PMID: 22186017].

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