Sperm-associated antigen 4 protein (IPR027776)

Short name: SPAG4/SUN4

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Sperm-associated antigen 4 protein (SPAG4, also known as SUN4) is a SUN domain containing protein that was originally isolated from the testis [PMID: 9691178]. It binds outer dense-fibre protein Odf1 and localises to microtubules of manchette and axoneme [PMID: 10373309]. SPAG4 was later found expressed ubiquitously in various normal tissues and neoplastic tissues in humans at the mRNA level [PMID: 23602831]. In renal cell carcinoma, SPAG4 is an independent prognostic factor and plays a crucial role in cytokinesis to defend against hypoxia-induced tetraploid formation [PMID: 23602831]. It also promotes renal clear cell carcinoma migration and invasion in vitro [PMID: 23818324].

This entry represents SPAG4 from mammals.

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