Protein polyglycylase TTLL10 (IPR027752)

Short name: TTLL10

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TTLL10 is a polyglycylase, which modifies both tubulin and non-tubulin proteins, generating side chains of glycine on the gamma-carboxyl groups of specific glutamate residues of target proteins [PMID: 19524510]. It polyglycylates alpha tubulin and beta tubulin, but is not able to initiate glycylation and only has activity toward monoglycylated tubulin [PMID: 19427864]. It has the ability to polyglycylate non-tubulin proteins such as NAP1; in this case it can initiate glycylation and does not require preliminary monoglycylation by another glycylase [PMID: 18331838].

This family also includes Q6ZVT0, which is inactive [PMID: 19524510].

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