Heat shock transcription factor family (IPR027725)

Short name: HSF_fam

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In eukaryotes heat shock factors (HSFs) induce transcription of heat shock genes following stress and in response to developmental signals [PMID: 10440228]. HSFs recognise cis-acting promoter elements composed of variations of an inverted repeat called heat shock elements (HSE) [PMID: 20844575]. Both HSF and HSEs are conserved in their fundamental structures from yeast to humans.

In general, HSFs contain an N-terminal DNA-binding domain of the helix-turn-winged helix type, one or more coiled-coil trimerisation domains, nuclear localisation domains, and a C-terminal trans-activation domain [PMID: 11344080]. HSF is present in a latent state under normal conditions; it is activated upon heat stress by induction of trimerisation and high-affinity binding to DNA and by exposure of domains for transcriptional activity [PMID: 8689565].

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