I-BAR domain containing protein IRSp53/IRTKS/Pinkbar (IPR027681)

Short name: IRSp53/IRTKS/Pinkbar

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This entry represents a group of I-BAR (Bin/amphipysin/Rvs) domain containing proteins, including IRSp53, IRTKS, Pinkbar. BAR domain forms an anti-parallel all-helical dimer, with a curved (banana-like) shape, that promotes membrane tubulation. The BAR domain containing proteins can be classified into three types: BAR, F-BAR and I-BAR. BAR and F-BAR proteins generate positive membrane curvature, while I-BAR proteins induce negative curvature [PMID: 21743456]. Proteins in this family also contain an additional C-terminal SH3 domain.

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