Putative protein phosphatase DevT-like (IPR027629)

Short name: DevT-like

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DevT (Alr4674) is a putative protein phosphatase from Nostoc PCC 7120 (Anabaena PCC 7120) [PMID: 20798164]. DevT mutants form mature heterocysts, but they are unable to fix N(2) and must be supplied with a source of combined nitrogen in order to survive. Anabaena DevT shows homology to phosphatases of the PPP family and displays a Mn(2+)-dependent phosphatase activity. DevT is constitutively expressed in both vegetative cells and heterocysts, and is not regulated by NtcA. The heterocyst regulator HetR may exert a certain inhibition on the expression of devT. Under diazotrophic growth conditions, DevT protein accumulates specifically in mature heterocysts. The role that DevT plays in a late essential step of heterocyst differentiation is still unknown.

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