Putative C-S lyase (IPR027619)

Short name: C_S_lyase_PatB

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Members of this subfamily are probable C-S lyases from a family of pyridoxal phosphate-dependent enzymes that tend to be (mis)annotated as probable aminotransferases. One member is PatB of Bacillus subtilis, a proven C-S-lyase. Another is the virulence factor cystalysin from Treponema denticola, whose hemolysin activity may stem from H2S production. Members of the seed alignment occur next to examples of the enzyme 5-histidylcysteine sulfoxide synthase, from ovothiol A biosynthesis, and would be expected to perform a C-S cleavage of 5-histidylcysteine sulfoxide to leave 1-methyl-4-mercaptohistidine (ovothiol A) [PMID: 15760717, PMID: 10880431, PMID: 21247153].

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