tRNA-splicing ligase RtcB homologue, eukaryotic (IPR027513)

Short name: RtcB_euk

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RctB is a tRNA-splicing ligase from bacteria [PMID: 21224389]. RctB homologues in eukaryotes represent the catalytic subunit of the tRNA-splicing ligase complex that acts by directly joining spliced tRNA halves to mature-sized tRNAs by incorporating the precursor-derived splice junction phosphate into the mature tRNA as a canonical 3',5'-phosphodiester. RctB may act as a RNA ligase with broad substrate specificity, and may function toward other RNAs [PMID: 21311021].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006388 tRNA splicing, via endonucleolytic cleavage and ligation

Molecular Function

GO:0003972 RNA ligase (ATP) activity

Cellular Component

GO:0072669 tRNA-splicing ligase complex

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