Adenylosuccinate synthetase isozyme 1, chordates (IPR027509)

Short name: AdSS_1_vert

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This entry represents the adenylosuccinate synthetase isozyme 1 (AdSS1) (EC: from vertebrates. It is a component of the purine nucleotide cycle (PNC), which interconverts IMP and AMP to regulate the nucleotide levels in various tissues, and which contributes to glycolysis and ammoniagenesis. It catalyses the first committed step in the biosynthesis of AMP from IMP [PMID: 12482871].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006167 AMP biosynthetic process

Molecular Function

GO:0005525 GTP binding
GO:0004019 adenylosuccinate synthase activity

Cellular Component

GO:0005737 cytoplasm

Contributing signatures

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  • MF_03126 (Adenylosucc_synth_vert_basic)