Homologous Superfamily

Sec1-like, domain 2 (IPR027482)

Short name: Sec-1-like_dom2

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Sec1-like molecules have been implicated in a variety of eukaryotic vesicle transport processes including neurotransmitter release by exocytosis [PMID: 8769846]. They regulate vesicle transport by binding to a t-SNARE from the syntaxin family. This process is thought to prevent SNARE complex formation, a protein complex required for membrane fusion. Whereas Sec1 molecules are essential for neurotransmitter release and other secretory events, their interaction with syntaxin molecules seems to represent a negative regulatory step in secretion [PMID: 10903948].

The nSec1 polypeptide chain can be divided into three domains. The first domain, consists of a five-stranded parallel beta-sheet flanked by five alpha-helices. The second domain, like the first one, has an alpha-beta-alpha fold, however the beta-sheet of domain 2 features five parallel strands with an additional antiparallel strand on one edge. The third domain is a large insertion between the third and fourth parallel strands of domain 2, and can be subdivided in two [PMID: 10746715].

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