Homologous Superfamily

D-aminopeptidase, N-terminal (IPR027476)

Short name: DppA_N

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This entry represents the N-terminal domain of D-aminopeptidase. The motif SXDXEG, located near the N terminus (residues 6-11 in DppA) is conserved in all but one of these known DppA homologues (in Clostridium difficile the sequence is SXDXEV) [PMID: 11473256]. DppA is a self-compartmentalising protease, a family of proteolytic complexes. Proteasomes are the most extensively studied representatives of this family. The DppA enzyme is composed of identical 30 kDa subunits organised in a decamer with 52 point-group symmetry. A 20 A wide channel runs through the complex, giving access to a central chamber holding the active sites. The only known substrates are D-ala-D-ala and D-ala-gly-gly.

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