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Alpha-dystroglycan domain 2 (IPR027468)

Short name: Alpha-dystroglycan_domain_2

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Alpha-dystroglycan is a subunit of the dystroglycan complex. It is an extracellular peripheral glycoprotein that acts as a receptor for both extracellular matrix proteins containing laminin-G domains, and for certain adenoviruses [PMID: 11724572, PMID: 9851927, PMID: 16254364, PMID: 17360738]. The N terminus of alpha-dystroglycan comprises of domain 1 with an immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich fold and domain 2 that resembles ribosomal RNA-binding proteins [PMID: 15326183]. It has been suggested that alpha-dystroglycan has a central mucin-like domain [PMID: 15326183] followed by another immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich domain [PMID: 21605994]. This entry represents domain 2.

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