Homologous Superfamily

Aerobic respiration control sensor protein ArcB, transmembrane domain superfamily (IPR027460)

Short name: ArcB_TM_sf

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Histidine kinase receptors (HKR) are part of a two-component system, in which an HKR in the bacterial inner membrane transmits a signal to a response regulator located in the cytoplasm.

Escherichia coli sensor kinase ArcB phosphorylates the partner response regulator ArcA in response to anaerobic conditions [PMID: 15326287]. ArcB is an atypical sensor kinase containing multiple phosphorylation domains: a histidine-containing phosphotransfer (HPt) signaling domain and a receiver domain in addition to the receptor and histidine-kinase (transmitter) domains, which are the two domains constituting a typical sensor kinase [PMID: 9685739, PMID: 11148031].

ArcB is a class 2 histidine kinase receptor (HKR). Class 2 HKRs lack an apparent extracytoplasmic domain and the stimuli-sensing region is believed to be in the membrane domain itself. ArcB has two transmembrane (TM) helices connected by a short periplasmic loop. This superfamily represents this transmembrane domain consisting of two helical motifs [PMID: 20498088].

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