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Baseplate structural protein Gp9 C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR027412)

Short name: Gp9_C_dom_sf

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The Bacteriophage T4 is a double-stranded, structurally complex virus that infects Escherichia coli. Gene product 9 (Gp9) connects the long tail fibres to the baseplate, and triggers baseplate reorganisation and tail contraction after virus attachment to the host cell. The Gp9 protein forms a homotrimer, with each monomer having three domains: the N-terminal alpha-helical domain forms a triple coiled coil, the middle domain is a mixed, seven-stranded beta sandwich with a unique fold, and the C-terminal domain is a eight-stranded beta-sandwich with similarity to jellyroll viral capsid protein structures [PMID: 10545330]. The flexible loops that occur between domains may enable the conformational changes necessary during infection.

This superfamily represents the Gp9 C-terminal domain.

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