Homologous Superfamily

DsrEFH-like (IPR027396)

Short name: DsrEFH-like

Overlapping entries


DsrE, DsrF, DsrH are part of a gene cluster involved in intracellular sulfur reduction in purple sulfur bacteria [PMID: 9695921]. In E. coli, the DsrEFH homologue TusBCD interacts with the DsrC homologue TusE in a sulfur relay system during 2-thiouridine biosynthesis [PMID: 16387657].

DsrE, DsrF and DsrH form a soluble multimeric protein DsrEFH, which is an alpha2beta2gamma2-structured holoprotein [PMID: 17909298, PMID: 15687204].

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