Homologous Superfamily

Cytochrome b/b6-like domain superfamily (IPR027387)

Short name: Cytb/b6-like_sf

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Cytochrome b/b6 [PMID: 2509716, PMID: 8329437] is an integral membrane protein of approximately 400 amino acid residues that probably has 8 transmembrane segments. In plants and cyanobacteria, cytochrome b6 consists of two subunits encoded by the petB and petD genes. The sequence of petB is colinear with the N-terminal part of mitochondrial cytochrome b, while petD corresponds to the C-terminal part. Cytochrome b/b6 non-covalently binds two haem groups, known as b562 and b566. Four conserved histidine residues are postulated to be the ligands of the iron atoms of these two haem groups [PMID: 2509716, PMID: 8329437].

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