NPH3 domain (IPR027356)

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The NRL (for NPH3/RPT2-Like) family is formed by signaling molecules specific to higher plants. Several regions of sequence and predicted structural conservation define members of the NRL family, with three domains being most notable: an N-terminal BTB domain, a centrally located NPH3 domain, and a C-terminal coiled coil domain. The function of the NPH3 domain is not yet known [PMID: 10542152, PMID: 10662859, PMID: 15031408, PMID: 15598797, PMID: 17493935, PMID: 20031912, PMID: 19357428, PMID: 21990941].

Some proteins known to contain a NPH3 domain include:

  • Arabidopsis non-phototropic hypocotyl 3 (NPH3), may function as an adapter or scaffold protein in plants.
  • Arabidopsis root-phototropisme 2 (RPT2), a signal transducer involved in phototropic response and stomatal opening in association with phototropin 1 (phot1).
  • Oriza coleoptile phototropism 1 (CPT1), the rice ortholog of NPH3. It is required for phototropism of coleoptiles and lateral translocation of auxin.

This entry represents the NPH3 domain.

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