Homologous Superfamily

P2X purinoreceptor extracellular domain superfamily (IPR027309)

Short name: P2X_extracellular_dom_sf

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P2X purinoceptors are cell membrane ion channels, gated by adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) and other nucleotides. P2X purinoceptor adopts a chalice-shaped, homotrimetric architecture consisting of a large hydrophilic and glycosylated extracellular domain, a transmembrane domain composed of 6 alpha-helices and short intracellular amino and carboxy termini [PMID: 22535247, PMID: 1964158]. This superfamily represents the extracellular domain which is characterised by a transthyretin-like beta-sandwich motif [PMID: 671542]. This domain contains binding sites for ATP, competitive antagonists and modulatory metal ions [PMID: 20227116].

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