Structures: Hepatocyte growth factor (IPR027284)


The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.

4k3j  4o3t  5coe  5csq  1bht  1gmn  1nk1  5ct1  3hn4  1gmo  4o3u  1si5  2hgf  3hmr  5ct3  3hmt  3mkp  4d3c  5cs1  1gp9  5cp9  4iua  2qj2  3hms  3sp8  5cs5  5ct2  5cs3  1shy  5cs9  2qj4 


CATH is a hierarchical classification of protein model structures. 


The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their amino acid sequences and three-dimensional structures.

b.47.1.2  g.10.1.1  g.14.1.1