Mature-T-Cell Proliferation I type (IPR027179)

Short name: MTCP1

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Proteins in this family adopt a coiled coil structure, with two antiparallel alpha-helices that are tightly strapped together by two disulfide bridges at each end. The protein sequence shows a cysteine motif, required for the stabilisation of the coiled-coil-like structure. Additional inter-helix hydrophobic contacts impart stability to this scaffold [PMID: 10850804].

The precise function of this family is, as yet, unknown [PMID: 9405159]. MTCP1 is found in mitochondria. Mature-T-Cell Proliferation is the first gene unequivocally identified in the group of uncommon leukemias with a mature phenotype [PMID: 8361760].

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