SWR1-complex protein 5/Craniofacial development protein (IPR027124)

Short name: Swc5/CFDP

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This family includes SWR1-complex protein 5 (Swc5), craniofacial development protein 1 (CFDP1) and craniofacial development protein 2 (CFDP2).

Swc5 is a component of the SWR1 complex which mediates the ATP-dependent exchange of histone H2A for the H2A variant HZT1 leading to transcriptional regulation of selected genes by chromatin remodeling. It is involved in chromosome stability [PMID: 14690608, PMID: 15045029, PMID: 14645854].

Gene duplication of the ancestral bnct (bucentaur) gene leads to the h-type bnct(cfdp1) gene and the p97bcnt (cfdp2) gene. Cfdp2 is rumiant-specific, containing a region derived from the endonuclease domain of a retrotransposable element RTE-1 not found in human and mouse [PMID: 16384818]. For this reason bcnt has been used as a model for molecular evolution [PMID: 9602175, PMID: 11368901, PMID: 12832649].

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